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  Zyqued Inc ( is an entertainment software development and publishing corporation. Translation: We make video games. We develop and publish games for the entire spectrum of platforms, including PCs and traditional consoles, Macs, and mobile devices like the Windows Phone, the iPhone and iPad, as well as Android-powered smartphones and tablets. Developing games for all genres, from shooters to strategy to action adventure to casual games, Zyqued has something for everyone. We at Zyqued are dedicated to our vision of video games as the highest of art forms, bringing together the best of the creative and technical fields. We strive to refine this art to perfection in every game, creating the absolute best gaming experience for you, the player.  
  Venture Partner  
  Kypura Ltd ( is a technology R&D company specializing in cutting edge hardware and software technology research, development, licensing and commercialization. Kypura invests in, develops, incubates and commercializes novel and promising technologies, with a focus on the development and protection of the underlying intellectual property.