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  Kids Games

Kids Games, like Dishum, Casey Duck, and Caveman Cooking are great for gamers of all ages. Simple, fun gameplay, catchy music, and cheerful graphics make these games ideal for the youngest players. Dishum, Casey Duck, and Caveman Cooking are perfect for kids and kids at heart.
  Mobile Games

Mobile games offer hours of entertainment on your smartphone or tablet. With simple yet addictive gameplay, mobile games are perfect for on-the-go fun. Zyqued’s mobile games, such as Dishum, Casey Duck, Caveman Cooking, and Skipping Rocks, take advantage of mobile devices’ unique capabilities to offer intuitive controls, the ability to upload high scores, and unparalleled gameplay, turning your phone or tablet into a portable console.
  Action/Adventure Games

The action/adventure genre is broad, covering games from Casey Duck to Zyqued’s upcoming epic The First and the Last, but all action/adventure games have some things in common: exciting gameplay and an enthralling story. Whether you want to be, for a while, a duck searching for his stolen butter or a warrior holding off the hordes of hell, there is an action/adventure game for you.
  Quick Play Games

If you want a fun game but don’t have much time, Zyqued’s Quick Play games are for you. With easy-to-learn gameplay and non-stop excitement, quick play games like Dishum and Casey Duck offer maximum entertainment, no matter how little or how much time you have.

Arcade Games

Ah, the arcade, where we used to go, and for a few cents, indulge our passion for gaming. Zyqued’s Arcade Games, such as Dishum, Casey Duck, and Skipping Rocks, are evocative of that time. The gameplay is simple, but the competition for the high score is fierce. And now that you can upload your scores to the internet from your smartphone or tablet, the world is your arcade.