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Zyqued Releases Dishum, a Casual Game for PCs, Macs and Mobile Devices

Today, entertainment software company Zyqued Inc. released Dishum, a casual game available for download for iOS devices, Windows Phone, Android devices, and PCs and Macs.

Franklin Park, NJ, USA February 15, 2012- Dishum, a casual game for mobile devices and PCs, is now available for download. Released today by Zyqued Inc., Dishum features addictive yet easy-to-learn gameplay and worldwide competition for top scores.

Dishum, Zyqued’s latest release, pits the player against an alien invasion force. The player must defeat the enemy’s flotilla of floating heads, shooting around the enemy’s force fields. Gameplay is intuitive, but the later levels become extremely challenging. With limited time and ammo, the player’s skills will be tested in both of the game modes, “Classic”, which allows the player to start from any completed level, and “Challenge Mode”, in which the player has just one shot to rack up as many points as possible.

According to Joseph Tharayil, Creative Director at Zyqued Inc., one of the most exciting of Dishum’s features is its competition system. He says “When you’re playing Dishum, you’re trying to beat your own best scores, but you’re also competing against players from Iowa to India. To make it even more interesting, you can only submit your scores from Challenge mode, using either your Facebook account or Zyqued Games Gamer Account.”

Dishum can be played on the iPhone, iPad, and Android Tablets, as well as Android-powered mobile devices and Windows Phone. In its mobile iteration, Dishum is a tilt-based tap-to-shoot game. According to Joseph Tharayil, “The intuitive controls and short levels make Dishum great for fast, on-the-go play, while the ability to access your Gamer Account and upload your score from your mobile device add an exciting competitive element”.

According to Technical Director Joy Sebastian, Zyqued will be releasing regular updates for Dishum. ” Updates will include new features, additional levels, and new gameplay modes. We will soon be starting monthly contests in which players will have opportunity to win attractive prizes.”

Dishum is available for download from Apple’s App Store, the Android App Market, and the Windows Phone WP App Hub. For PCs and Macs, Dishum can be downloaded from Zyqued’s website.

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