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Kypura Ltd Launches Video Game Developer and Game Publisher Zyqued Inc.

Franklin Park, NJ, USA  February 6, 2012 - IP holding company Kypura Ltd is pleased to announce the launch of Zyqued Inc., an interactive entertainment software company.

Intellectual Property holding company and IP incubator Kypura Ltd announced the launch of its newest portfolio company: Zyqued Inc., an interactive entertainment software developer. Zyqued will develop and publish games for the entire spectrum of platforms and consumer preferences.

According to Joseph Tharayil, Creative Director at Zyqued Inc., Zyqued’s vision is to bring the very best in interactive entertainment to the player. He says “Zyqued is focused on making the best video games, from both a creative and technical perspective. We see interactive entertainment as the highest of art forms, and are dedicated to refining this art to perfection in every game.”

Zyqued employees truly believe in the company’s ideals, and are confident that they can reach them. In the words of Vishakh Balachandran, one of the company’s lead Game Developers, “We at Zyqued have a singular focus: developing great video games. Our team of creative and technical professionals brings together the best of their respective fields, creating a true gaming experience for the player.”

Zyqued will develop games for all platforms, including traditional consoles, PCs, Macs, and mobile devices, and is dedicated to exploiting new technological developments as they emerge. Zyqued will cater to players of all ages and tastes, and develop games of all genres, including shooters, action/adventure games, MMOs, strategy games, and quick play games.

According to Technical Director Joy Sebastian, Zyqued has several games in the pipeline, and plans to release multiple games each year. “Zyqued will release its first two games, Dishum and Casey Duck: Butter Duck, February of this year, for iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone, Android Phones and tablets, as well as online for Microsoft Windows and Mac. Zyqued has a clear road map for updates for all titles released by the company. “, said Joy Sebastian.